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About Us

Blast Works, the Story:

We are a Family Run Business that takes the time to do it right. Our Customer Service is second to none.Dustless Blasting  is the fastest, most cost effective and environmentally friendly surface preparation  there is.   


Great Prices when compaired to the labor and materials would take to strip your project by hand or other machine. Save Time & Money


We are mobile and self contained. There is no need to transport your project to us, we come to you. Also, we can do the jobs that you can't or have tried and it is just not coming clean.  Concrete surfaces, Pools, ect.



Frame, Chassis & Body

Down to bare metal in no time 


Mobile Service

Blast Works Dustless Blasting will come to your location and provide clean environmentally safe media blasting that is twice as fast as Sand Blasting without the dust!


You can expect the same 5 Star Quality & Service on every Job

Small or Large Job, Your Site or Ours, Blast Works Professionals have a keen eye for details


Heavy Equipment Like New


Save Time & Money with Blast Works Dustless Blasting

Done in Half the Time

Done in Half the Time

Update the fleet quick and easy

Ready To Paint in a Couple Hours


OSHA Compliant - No Harsh Chemicals



Removing Anti-Fouling Bottom Paint

This can be a daunting task filled with back breaking sanding and grinding. Blast Works Dustless Blasting can Safely remove bottom paint without damage to Fiberglass & Gelcoat. Recycled glass abrasive is Safe for the Environment 


Gentle Enough for Wood Restoration

With the ability to control the air pressure, the abrasive and the water pressure, the possibilities are endless in what Blast Works can do


Like New Again

Don't Replace it, Blast Works can Restore it to Like New Condition in a fraction of the time of grinding and sanding

Striping and Grafitti Removal

Restore and Preserve

Don't Let Your Property Value Drop

Line Stripping


No Need to Grind and Repave. Call Dustless Blasting for Line Stripe Removal The perfect tool to remove road stripes, fire lanes, Handicap Spaces, parking lot striping, curb paint and more.

Graffiti Removal


Restore the beauty of a residential or Commercial Building.

Other Services

Dustless Blasting vs. Sand Blasting


The water in the Dustless Blasting process eliminates friction and heat - so you don’t have to worry about warping metal and best of all no large dust cloud like Sand Blasting 

Strips the Tough Stuff No Coating is to Tough


  • Removes Powder Coating
  • Bottom Paint on Boats
  • Remove Paint & Body Filler
  • Removes Rust 
  • Take Chrome back to Bare Metal 
  • Textureing and Etching of Concrete and Granite

Ready For Primer & Paint


We leave your customers with a primer ready surface when you use our Rust Inhibitor to prevent flash rust. This will slow down the flash rusting process for up to 72 Hours. As always we recommend primer and paint right away!

Suppress the Dust Plume.


During blasting, water encapsulates the abrasive and coating being removed, which prevents them from becoming airborne. The droplets then fall to the ground, keeping surrounding areas clean.

The Mobile Advantage


Unlike sandblasting, you don't need bulky containment methods. This means you can take your machine anywhere — even your location.

Environmental Excellence


Our eco-friendly process uses recycled bottle glass and complies with environment regulations.

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